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Your home or business may need more electricity than your current system can handle because of updated appliances, newer computers, and a lack of outlets. Don’t continue to struggle and overuse extension cords when an updated electrical panel can increase power to your space safely. Skyline Construction Services offers expert electrical panel upgrades in Arlington, so you receive the power you need to succeed.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the signs that my electrical panel needs repair?

Signs that your electrical panel may need repair include flickering lights, frequently tripped breakers, burning smells, or outdated panel models.

Is it safe to upgrade my electrical panel on my own?

It is not recommended to attempt an electrical panel upgrade on your own. This task requires the expertise of a professional electrician to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes.

Can an upgraded electrical panel help lower energy costs?

Yes, an upgraded electrical panel can help distribute electricity more efficiently, potentially leading to lower energy costs over time.

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When Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Your electrical panel diverts power throughout your space with various circuits. However, an outdated system often can’t manage the electrical requirements of constantly upgrading technology. 

A few reasons to upgrade your panel include:

  • It’s 25+ years old: If your electrical panel is original to the building, the wiring can be outdated, unsafe, and put you at risk for an electrical fire. Replace your wiring and other dangerous electrical components if you see sparks, smell burning, or notice flickering lights.
  • Your power demands have increased: If you’ve installed an addition, smart appliances, or an EV charger, you may need a new electrical panel to manage this increase in power. An outdated system may struggle to support these requirements and cause excessive wear and tear or a short circuit.
  • You’re overusing extension cords: Power strips are a great way to offer protection from power surges, but they shouldn’t be used at every outlet or filled with chords. Older homes have fewer outlets that may struggle to meet the needs of phone and laptop chargers or smart appliances. However, extension cords can overload your system, causing hot outlets and an electrical fire.

Don’t hesitate to upgrade your panel if your home or business meets any of these requirements. Our reliable electrical panel installation in Arlington increases available energy safely.

Common Electrical Panel Repairs

Your home has multiple circuits for every area of your home, and if you experience a breakdown with these breakers, you can lose electricity in significant spaces in your building. 

Typical circuit breaker issues include:

  • Overloaded circuits: Extension cords are the leading cause of an overloaded circuit. An overload will cause the breaker to trip, which is normal unless it becomes a frequent problem. This clearly indicates that there are not enough circuits in your space.
  • Electrical short: Miswiring or worn-out systems can cause a hot wire to touch a neutral wire and disrupt the electrical paths in your system, causing a short and damaging essential electronics. It’s important to always inspect an appliance chord for issues before plugging it in to prevent a short.
  • Ground fault: If a hot wire touches a ground wire, other metal, or water, energy will take the path of least resistance and cause an electrical hazard. This is common in outdated kitchens or bathrooms that don’t have GFCI outlets.
  • Hot-to-the-touch components: Your switches, outlets, and electrical panel should never be hot to the touch as this signifies miswiring. If you smell burning or see discoloration, immediately stop using that circuit, as it may spark and cause an electrical fire.

Skyline Construction Services is here for you when you need professional electrical panel repair in Arlington. It’s critical that you don’t attempt DIY repairs with your electrical system when our professionals are here to help keep you safe.

Upgrade to a Safer and More Reliable Electrical Panel

Is your home's electrical panel outdated or showing signs of wear and tear? It may be time to consider upgrading to a safer and more reliable electrical panel. The electrical panel is the heart of your home's electrical system, and a faulty or outdated panel can lead to safety hazards and electrical issues.

Benefits of upgrading to a new electrical panel include:

  • Improved safety and reduced fire risk
  • Increased capacity to handle modern electrical demands
  • Enhanced reliability and reduced risk of electrical issues
  • Compliance with current electrical codes and regulations
  • Potential savings on home insurance premiums

Our team at Skyline Construction Services can assess your current electrical panel and recommend the best options for an upgrade to ensure the safety and reliability of your home's electrical system.

Let us make your daily routine more manageable with an upgraded electrical system! Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (425) 584-5255or filling out our online contact form.


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