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"Great Experience"
Tom M.
      "Diligent & Attentive"
      Bernardo E.
      "Professional and Friendly"
      Bailey D.
      "Reputable Company"
      Alan K.
      "Great Customer Service"
      Eric S.
      "Awesome Job"
      Joo-Sun J.
      "Respectful & Detail-Oriented"

      The guys were on time, respectful of our property, and very detail oriented. The electrical piping is a thing of art! They were able to figure out a problem that we were told by others was not possible without a new box. This saved us thousands! Thank you Skyline!

      Joel E.
      "Great Experience"
      Tom M.
      "Professional and Thorough"

      Had two experiences with SkyLine, and both were great. Our Edmonds area 1950 single family 200amp home had some funky wiring from the previous owner. Skyline replaced and cleaned up the rat's nest splice box and then troubleshot and resolved an issue where we had two breakers controlling the same circuit. They were quick, knowledgeable, fairly priced, and had great communication in each department. Will be using again and recommend!

      Evan M.
      "Courteous and Professional"

      We have an older home and needed to have the electrical panel brought up to code, a sub-panel that needed to be retired, as well as prepare for a generator. This work required our home to be without electricity for the entire day. We discussed the plan as well as the timing prior to the day of work.
      On the day of work, Nick and his partner arrived early and we once again discussed the plan. Once the electric company removed the meter and the power was off they got right to work. We were kept updated with their progress throughout the day. At the end of the day (9 hours) Nick walked us through everything they had done as well as taught us the procedure for the panel in the event of an outage.
      The work was inspected and passed on the first inspection.
      At the end of the day, they cleaned up their work areas and did not leave any messes.
      Nick called the next day to make sure everything was alright, which it was. Nick even sent us a typed-up step-by-step procedure for an outage that is taped inside the panel door. We would highly recommend this company for any and all electrical work you need. They are professional, courteous, respectful, and safe.

      Donna D.
      "Will Hire Again"
      Brian M.
      "Very Impressed"

      I lost power to all the lighting in my bedrooms and hallway and when I called it was nick who had answered though they were booked out weeks ahead nick decided to come over after hours and troubleshoot the issue for me.

      Not only did he get power restored, but the first thing he checked was also the electrical panel and sure enough he saw the wired fried on the breaker. He even had a spare on his truck and swapped it out in under five minutes. I was very impressed, I was thinking it was something far more complicated but clearly, nick knew where to look first

      it was a bit pricey to get fixed afterward but I can't complain since nick came out after hours, but I don't feel it was unfair either considering the above.

      Very professional and responsive when it matters, I'll certainly use them again in the future.

      Friz. F
      "Enthusiastic & Polite"

      Skyline installed an interlock switch onto my circuit breaker panel. Both the representative that came out to give me a quote for the job and the technician that did the actual work were both punctual, enthusiastic, and polite. Will recommend this company to my friends and neighbors.

      Darren S.
      "Very Knowledgeable"

      Very knowledgeable. I showed them what I needed and they exceeded my expectations. Even when running into a snafu, they remained professional and steadfast. Very clean work. Will definitely be calling them again for future electrical endeavors.

      Larry S.
      "Helpful & Informative"

      I've gotten work done by Skyline for a few jobs now. Cleaning up my breaker box and other wiring in the garage, which had some shoddy home-done work by the previous owner, moving switches and outlets in a wall during a kitchen remodel, installing new wiring in my crawlspace for a sump pump, and installing recessed lighting in my kitchen and family room. All the work was done well and I enjoyed talking with the crew members. They've always been very helpful with explaining the work and were always punctual and communicative. I'll be happy to call them back up the next time I need some electrical work!

      Matt F.
      "Excellent Job"

      Skyline Electrical Services installed our EV wall connector recently and did an excellent job. Nick was quick to respond to my inquiries via emails - he answered all my questions clearly and explained things concisely. I highly recommend his team for their professional work.

      Cooper R.
      "Great Service"

      I want to give a special thanks to Nick Kemper. I talked with their residential manager, Nick Kemper and they gave me a very reasonable and fair price for the installation. They actually even saved me money by hardwiring our ChargePoint. Also, the installation of such things is tax-exempt (tax-exempt from wa state). They don't charge card fees as well, so if you are collecting points, might as well pay with your card. The total came to 1k on my end (that was parts-labor-permit!), with them running a wire from my box to the other side of the garage. Everyone’s situation will be different with prices. If I had installed it closer to my box, they would’ve charged me 600some dollars, but I wanted it on the other end of my garage. If anyone is in the area wanting to get a wall connector installed, please check them out. The service was amazing and great. I actually will be having them be part of the bidding process when my house goes through remodeling later this year.

      Once everything was finished, Skyline crew cleaned up and I had our friend of the family drive their Model X and get it charged. they were surprised at the charge rate holding steady compared to what they have (refer to photo, 38mi consistent).

      Jay K.
      "Reasonable and Prompt"

      Skyline installed our EV charger in 2021, which they did for a reasonable price. When the breaker tripped in 2023 due to a power surge, I called them and they immediately were able to fix the problem over the phone.

      Richard L.